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Blood Rose eCover.jpg
Blood Rose
Currently Unavailable (Re-release 2023)

She had to save the world. But it wasn't even her world to save.


On the heels of a devastating tragedy, Rose abandons the life she knew to start over in quiet solitude. She finds solace in the sprawling forest behind her apartment complex…until the day she walks the same path through the same trees to the same meadow…and finds something completely different awaiting her there.


A house that shouldn’t exist. A door that shouldn’t open. And across the threshold? A world beyond her wildest imaginings.


In this topsy-turvy land of technicolor trees, millipede trains, and inflatable opera houses, Rose is able to flee her painful memories for a time. But the magnificent new world is not all it seems.


An unconscious stranger. A sinister yet charismatic leader. A terrifying and deadly magic known only as Rot that threatens to destroy anything in its path.


It’s up to Rose to navigate this magnificent but damaged land, stop the Rot, save the world and everything she holds dear.


But time is running out.

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