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Arcane Ink
Arcane Ink Book 1 (Coming November 22, 2022)

I’m not a paranormal investigator; I’m just a tattoo artist.


But I’m also one of the few people in this town that knows about the magical community—the shifters and elementals and creatures big and small that inhabit the tourist town of Willow Creek, Indiana. Because I’m one of them. And it’s my magic—tattoo magic—that keeps us hidden and safe.


But when trouble shows up on my doorstep, in the form of exploding tattoos and a missing client, suddenly my livelihood—and the anonymity of Willow Creek’s magical population—is in jeopardy.


The problem? There’s no one to solve the mystery except me, and the rest of the ragtag artists at Arcane Ink.


Guess I’d better get to work.

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